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4semi Technology is at the forefront of technology innovation, providing customers solutions for all embedded and programmable FPGAs. We offers expertise in FPGA / ASIC Design, High Speed Board Design and Physical Layout, PNR flow and Associated flows, STA, LEC, IR and Custom Analog Layout.

This highly successful business model allows 4semi Tech to focus on its core competency; the development and deployment of leading-edge programmable technology that provides maximum value to customers we bringing new products to the market and helping user for the next generation of electronics.

4semi Technology products provide these systems combine the value of programmable systems integration with embedded intelligence and flexibility, enabling the rapid development of highly programmable and smarter systems that are leading-edge electronic systems that are shaping our modern world.

4semi Technology serve a wide range of markets, including Defense, Aerospace, Medical, Telecommunications Industrial, embedded electronics and ASIC’s industry solutions. 4semitech modular approach allows fast, cost-effective, and proven performance from customized designs to standard platforms.

Our Services



Provide excellent engineering services with high quality design and verification services which improve overall productivity and cost effectiveness...

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Provide product engineering solutions and engineering services for customer premise equipment across different types of hardware solutions. Consumer electronics devices...

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Provide efficient, robust and cost effective answers for your individual, business needs. Our development team is a combination of skilled individuals...

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4semi is a premier Semiconductor distributor, carries a full line–up of their power management ICs, clock and timing solutions, amplifiers, data converters...

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